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Sample handling in extreme environments

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dc.contributor.advisor Badescu, Mircea en_US
dc.contributor.advisor Sherri, Stewart en_US
dc.contributor.advisor Bar-Cohen, Yoseph en_US Avellar, Louisa 2013-12-17T22:42:39Z 2013-12-17T22:42:39Z 2013-05-10
dc.identifier.citation Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP), Pasadena, California, May 10, 2013. en_US
dc.identifier.clearanceno 13-2389
dc.description.abstract Harsh environments, such as that on Venus, preclude the use of existing equipment for functions that involve interaction with the environment. The operating limitations of current high temperature electronics are well below the actual temperature and pressure found on Venus (460°C and 92 atm), so proposed lander configurations typically include a pressure vessel where the science instruments are kept at Earth-like temperature and pressure (25°C and 1 atm). The purpose of this project was to develop and demonstrate a method for sample transfer from an external drill to internal science instruments for a lander on Venus. The initial concepts were string and pneumatically driven systems; and the latter system was selected for its ability to deliver samples at very high speed. The pneumatic system was conceived to be driven by the pressure difference between the Venusian atmosphere and the inside of the lander. The pneumatic transfer of a small capsule was demonstrated, and velocity data was collected from the lab experiment. The sample transfer system was modeled using CAD software and prototyped using 3D printing. General structural and thermal analyses were performed to approximate the proposed system’s mass and effects on the temperature and pressure inside of the lander. Additionally, a sampler breadboard for use on Titan was tested and functionality problems were resolved. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship NASA/JPL en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Pasadena, CA : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2013 en_US
dc.subject sampling en_US
dc.subject sample handling en_US
dc.subject sample trasfer en_US
dc.subject Venus en_US
dc.title Sample handling in extreme environments en_US
dc.type Student Report en_US

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