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X-rays from Cepheus A East and West

Show simple item record Pravdo, Steven H. Tsuboi, Yohko 2006-06-06T21:45:42Z 2006-06-06T21:45:42Z 2005-06-10
dc.identifier.citation The Astrophysical Journal, 626:272–282, 2005 June 10, DOI: 10.1086/429988 en
dc.identifier.clearanceno 04-3916
dc.description.abstract We report the discovery of X-rays from both components of Cepheus A, East and West, with the XMM-Newton observatory. HH 168 joins the ranks of other energetic Herbig-Haro objects that are sources of T ≥ 10(6) K X-ray emission. The effective temperature of HH 168 is T = 5.8(-2.3)(+3.5) x 10(6) K, and its unabsorbed luminosity is 1: 1; 10(29) ergs s(-1), making it hotter and less luminous than other representatives of its class. We also detect prominent X-ray emission from the complex of compact radio sources believed to be the power sources for Cep A. We call this source HWX, and it is distinguished by its hard X-ray spectrum, T = 1.2(-0.5)(+1.2) 10(8) K, and its complex spatial distribution. It may arise from one or more protostars associated with the radio complex, the outflows, or a combination of the two. We detect 102 X-ray sources, many presumed to be pre-main-sequence stars on the basis of the reddening of their optical and IR counterparts. en
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dc.subject Herbig-Haro objects en
dc.title X-rays from Cepheus A East and West en
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