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  • Mettler, E.; Chiang, R.; Waddell, P.; Litty, E.; Chang, D.; Bartman, R.; Udomkesmalee, S. (1994--Apri)
    The new NASA paradigm calls for more frequent, low-cost, small spacecraft missions capable of returning high-value planetary science. This challenge also extends to the rapid insertion of advanced technologies across all ...
  • Clark, C.; Eisenman, A.; Udomkesmalee, S.; Tubbs, E. (1995-05)
    New developments in image sensors and optical materials have opened the door to dramatic mass and power reductions in celestial tracker designs. The rapid development of active pixel sensors (APS) has provided a new ...
  • Udomkesmalee, S. (1995-04)
    Autonomous Feature And Start Tracking (AFAST), essential technology for building autonomous
  • Udomkesmalee, S. (1995-04)
    A particular aspect of autonomous target tracking for planetary bodies, detection of "distinct"
  • Udomkesmalee, S.; Zhu, D.Q.; Chu, C.-C. (1995)
    A novel image segmentation technique for extracting limb and terminator of planetary bodies is proposed. Conventional edge- based histogramming approaches are used to trace object boundaries. The limb and terminator ...
  • Chu, C.-C.; Zhu, D.Q.; Udomkesmalee, S.; Pomerantz, M.I. (1995-04)
    The paper summarizes efforts at JPL to develop an intelligent autonomous tracking and pointing system for space applications. A powerful 3D graphic software testbed has also been developed to simulate a likely scenario ...
  • Udomkesmalee, S.; Padgett, C.; Zhu, D.; Lung, G.; Howard, A.; Ludwig, D.; Moretti, G. (2000-07-17)
    A three-dimensional microelectronic device (3DANN-R) capable of performing general image convolution at the speed of 10***sup12*** operations/second (ops) in a volume of less than 1.5 cubic centimeter has been successfully ...
  • Liebe, C.; Brown, K.; Udomkesmalee, S.; Padgett, C.; Brenner, M.; Howard, A.; Wysocky, T.; Brown, D.; Suddarth, S. (1998-04-13)
    The VIGILANTE project is a planned vision system capable of tracking and recognizing targets in real time, on a small airborne platform.
  • Suddarth, S.; Brenner, M.; Udomkesmalee, S.; Liebe, C. C.; Padgett, C.; Vo, H.; Avril, L. (1998-04-13)
    This paper describes the VIGIL system in detail. It discusses the overall approach for the first flight experiment, the results of the experiment and the follow-on experiments that demonstrate real-time target recognition ...
  • Alhambra, N.; Suddarth, S.; Udomkesmalee, S. (1998-03-16)
    This paper describes the data handling system portion of VIGILANTE and presents methodologies used for rapid prototyping and repackaging in a miniaturized form.
  • Udomkesmalee, S.; Thankoor, A.; Padgett, C.; Daud, T.; Fang, W. C. (1997-04-22)
    VIGILANTE consists of two major components:1. the Viewing Imager/Gimballed Instrumentation Laboratory (VIGIL)- advanced infrared, visible, and ultraviolet sensors with appropriate optics and camera electronics & 2. the ...



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