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  • Tabazadeh, A.; Santee, M. L.; Danilin, M. Y.; Pumphrey, H. C.; Newman, P. A.; Hamill, P. J.; Mergenthaler, J. L. (2000-05-26)
    Atmosphere Research Satellite observations indicate that extensive denitrification without significant dehydration currently occurs only in the Antarctic during mid to late June.
  • Massie, S. T.; Santee, M. L.; Read, W. G.; Grainger, R. G.; Lambert, A.; Mergenthaler, J. L.; Dye, J. E.; Baumbardner, D.; Randel, W. J.; Tabazadeh, A.; Tie, X.; Pan, L.; Figarol, F.; Wu, F.; Brasseur, G. P. (1996)
    Simultaneous observations of Polar Stratospheric Cloud aerosol extinction and HNO3 mixing ratios over Scandinavia are examined for January 9-10, 1992. Data measured by the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS), Cryogenic Limb Array ...
  • Santee, M. L.; Tabazadeh, A.; Manney, G. L.; Salawitch, R. J.; Froidevaux, L.; Read, W. G.; Waters, J. W. (1997-04)
    We present Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) measurements fo gas-phase HNO<sub>3</sub> obtained at the beginning of five southern hemisphere winters.



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