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Design and Development of a Robust Chuck Mechanism for the Mars2020 Coring Drill

Show simple item record Barletta, Anthony 2021-11-11T20:08:27Z 2021-11-11T20:08:27Z 2020-05-13
dc.identifier.citation 45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium, Houston, Texas, May 13-15, 2020
dc.identifier.clearanceno CL#20-0738
dc.description.abstract The Sampling and Caching Subsystem (SCS) onboard the Mars2020 rover includes a coring drill that can perform coring, abrasion, and regolith collection operations. The coring drill requires a chuck mechanism to allow for the changing of the bits needed to perform sampling. The chuck mechanism must be capable of securely connecting a bit under drilling, rover slip, and pullout loads, but also readily release a bit after application of these loads. The Mars2020 chuck consists of a ball lock mechanism that allows for robust engagement and release of bit assemblies that is preloaded to ensure a secure, stiff connection between the bit assembly and the rest of the corer. To prevent jamming, the chuck incorporates rollers to preload the ball lock. The rollers are mounted onto a flexured cam that minimizes changes in internal mechanism loads that result from thermally induced dimensional changes, further mitigating the potential for jamming. The chuck mechanism is moved between engaged, disengaged, and loose chuck positions by rotating the cam with a gearmotor that incorporates a magnetic detent brake that prevents inadvertent mechanism motion under design loads. Ongoing testing is occurring on the qualification model in a dirty environment while coring and abrading rocks in a Mars representative environment.
dc.description.sponsorship NASA/JPL en_US
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Pasadena, CA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2020
dc.title Design and Development of a Robust Chuck Mechanism for the Mars2020 Coring Drill
dc.type Preprint

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