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One NASA PEM qualification standard : comparison of JPL and GSFC standards

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dc.description.abstract Although use of Plastic Encapsulated Microelectronics (PEMs) in space applications is discouraged, their use is mandatory for selected applications involving the need for advanced technology and small packages. Various space systems designers and manufacturers have developed methods to qualify and screen PEMs. In general, each procedure is different. The purpose of this fiscal year’s investigation is to initiate a process to coordinate the efforts at various NASA centers to eventually develop a One NASA method. Part of this activity includes sharing of test data and PEM qualification methodologies. Various experts in the NASA community were identified and contacted to support this effort. We were successful in finding such experts at GSFC, APL and the Constellation office (Orion and Ares). All these experts provided typical qualification program plans. Since funding was severely restricted, it was decided to concentrate on coordination activity with GSFC. GSFC is planning a new version of IEEE-INST-002 section applying to PEMs. The GSFC expert (Dr. Alexander Teverovsky) provided a detailed assessment of the differences between the planned new version of IEEE-INST-002 and the JPL-D-19426 (JPL guideline) as well as a summary rationale for the decisions within the IEEE-INST-002. It should be noted that GSFC’s assessment of IEEE-INST-002 in the area of PEMs is not finalized. JPL is also considering changes in PEM qualification methodologies based on test data from recent qualification testing for their newer Projects (MSL, Grail, Juno). A spreadsheet delineating the differences between the JPL standard and the GSFC standard is presented. en_US
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dc.publisher Pasadena, CA : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2009 en_US
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dc.subject Plastic Encapsulated Microelectronics (PEMs) en_US
dc.subject qualification en_US
dc.title One NASA PEM qualification standard : comparison of JPL and GSFC standards en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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