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Infrared measurements of atmospheric CH3CN

Show simple item record Kleinböhl, Armin Toon, Geoffrey C. Bhaswar, Sen Blavier, Jean--Francois Weisenstein, Debra K. Wennberg, Paul O. 2006-05-04T18:13:09Z 2006-05-04T18:13:09Z 2005-12-06
dc.identifier.citation Geophysical Research Letters, Vol, 32, L23807 en
dc.identifier.clearanceno 05-2579
dc.description.abstract For the first time CH3CN has been measured in the Earth’s atmosphere by means of infrared remote sensing. Vertical profiles of volume mixing ratio were retrieved from 12 solar occultation measurements by the balloon-borne JPL MkIV interferometer between 1993 and 2004. Profile retrieval is possible in an altitude range between 12 and 30 km with a precision of _20 ppt in the Arctic and _30 ppt at mid-latitudes. The retrieved CH3CN profiles show mixing ratios of 100–150 ppt a few kilometers above the tropopause that decrease to values below 40 ppt at altitudes between 22 and 30 km. The CH3CN mixing ratios show a reasonably compact correlation with the stratospheric tracers CH3Cl and CH4. The CH3CN altitude profiles and tracer correlations are well reproduced by a 2-dimensional model, suggesting that CH3CN is long-lived in the lower stratosphere and that previously-proposed ion-molecule reactions do not play a major role as loss processes of CH3CN en
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dc.subject infrared remote sensing en
dc.title Infrared measurements of atmospheric CH3CN en
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