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Plan for compensation of self-gravity on ST-7/DRS

Show simple item record Evans, Jordan P. 2006-02-27T20:50:34Z 2006-02-27T20:50:34Z 2004-07-12
dc.identifier.citation 5th International LISA Symposium, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, July 12-16, 2004. en
dc.identifier.clearanceno 04-3504
dc.description.abstract The Space Technology 7 (ST-7) payload, flying on the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Pathfinder (LPF) mission, will demonstrate drag-free control of a test mass with acceleration disturbances below 3x10-14 m/s2/√Hz. Low frequency acceleration noise introduced by the electrostatic force needed to counter static mass distribution imbalance is expected to be a significant contributor to the acceleration noise budget. For this reason, the self-gravity (due to mass imbalance) is minimized by adding trim mass to bring the total differential acceleration between the two test masses due to self-gravity below 5x10-10 m/s2 in any axis and the DC acceleration gradient due to self-gravity below 4x10-8 m/s2/m in any axis of either test mass. A plan has been established to develop the distribution and placement of the compensation masses. Compensation for the self-gravity effects on the two test masses is handled in a two step process. A nominal compensation mass is defined and incorporated early and is located very near the test masses. The final trimming for self-gravity occurs after the integration on the spacecraft with small mass added externally to the test mass vacuum enclosures. The plan identifies three preliminary points in the hardware maturity where the trimming to the as-built configuration can take place: (1) during build-up of the sensor vacuum enclosure, (2) prior to delivery of the integrated ST-7 to Europe, and (3) prior to environmental testing of the integrated LPF system. The sensitivity of the self-gravity to knowledge errors in the actual mass distribution is taken into account in the determination of final trimming opportunities and mounting locations. en
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dc.publisher Pasadena, CA : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2004. en
dc.subject Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) en
dc.subject self-gravity en
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dc.subject gravity compensation en
dc.title Plan for compensation of self-gravity on ST-7/DRS en
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