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The Space Technology 7 disturbance reduction system

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dc.identifier GOMAS Tech-05, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 4, 2005
dc.identifier.citation GOMAS Tech-05, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 4, 2005 en
dc.identifier.clearanceno 05-0397
dc.description.abstract The NASA New Millennium Program Space Technology 7 (ST7) project was selected for the purpose of flight validation of technology for minimizing disturbances on spacecraft and freely-floating test masses. Measurements of the motion of test masses are used for determining the gravitational field in its location, providing information on the nearby mass distribution or looking gravitational waves generated by distant star systems. Any unmeasured forces acting on the test mass cause a deviation from a purely gravitational trajectory and so limit the accuracy of the gravity field estimation. The ST7 project will validate the capability to eliminate unwanted forces to a level 3000 times lower than the current state of the art. The ST7 design is based on the concept of a freely-floating test mass surrounded by a spacecraft which shields the test mass from unwanted disturbances. since some disturbance of the test mass can be caused by motion of the spacecraft itself with respect to the test mass, the disturbance reduction system includes the capability of precisely measuring the position of the spacecraft with respect to the test mass and control of the spacecraft position to within 1/100 of a wavelength of light.. The overall system performance of the ST7 project will be infused into space observatories for gravitational waves such as the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna project, and into future mission for mapping the time-variable Earth gravity field. The ST7 precision control capability also has applications for separated-spacecraft interferometric imaging projects. ST7 will consist of an instrument package and a set of microthrusters, which will be attached to the European Space Agency’s LISA Pathfinder spacecraft with launch scheduled for 2008. en
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dc.publisher Pasadena, CA : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2005. en
dc.subject New Millennium Program en
dc.subject ST7 en
dc.subject gravitational waves en
dc.subject formation flying en
dc.subject colloidal microthrusters en
dc.subject disturbance reduction en
dc.title The Space Technology 7 disturbance reduction system en
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