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Proceedings of the 12th JPL Airborne Earth Science Workshop

Show simple item record Green, Robert O. Asner, G. P. Nepstad, D. Cardinot, G. Moutinho, P. Harris, T. Ray, D. Bagheri, S. Peters, S. Beck, R. Ben-Dor, E. Goldshalager, N. Braun, O. Kindel, B. Goetz, A. F. H. Bonfil, D. Agassi, M. Binyaminy, Y. Karnieli, A. Demuro, M. Chisholm, L. Dennison, P. E. Roberts, D. A. Farrand, W. H. Frank, M. Canty, M. Ferri, M. Gutmann, E. Goodenough, D. G. Chen, H. Dyk, A. Han, T. McDonald, S. Murdoch, M. Niemann, K. O. Pearlman, J. West, C. Montes, M. J. Ustin, S. L. Pavri, B. Hauff, P. L. Coulter, D. W. Peters, D. C. Sares, M. A. Prosh, E. C. Henderson, F. B. III Bird, D. Huete, A. Miura, T. Kim, H.-J. Yoshioka, H. Jia, G. J. Burke, I. C. Hall, S. A. Kruse, F. A. Lobell, D. B. Marion, R. Michel, R. Faye, C. Martin, R. E. Matthew, M. W. Adler-Golden, S. M. Berk, A. Felde, G. Gorodetsky, D. Paswaters, S. Shippert, M. Ferreira, L. G. Sano, E. E. Gao, B.-C. Davis, C. O. Moline, M. Penn, B. S. Wolboldt, M. W. Rudd, L. Merenyi, E. Schott, J. R. Lee, K. Raqueno, R. Hoffmann, G. Healey, G. Spinetti, C. Carrere, V. Buongiorno, M. F. Pieri, D. White, D. A. Whiting, M. L. Li, L. Goodman, J. A. 2005-08-16T23:15:35Z 2005-08-16T23:15:35Z 2003-12
dc.identifier.citation 12th JPL Airborne Earth Science Workshop, Pasadena, CA, 2004 en
dc.identifier.clearanceno JPL-PUB-04-6
dc.description.abstract Participants at the 12th Airborne Earth Science Workshop reported science research and applications results with spectral images measured by the NASA Airborne Invisible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS). en
dc.format.extent 114041738 bytes
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Pasadena, CA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2003 en
dc.relation.ispartofseries JPL Publication en
dc.relation.ispartofseries 04-6 en
dc.subject JPL Publication en
dc.subject AVIRIS en
dc.subject remote sensing en
dc.subject radiometic imaging en
dc.title Proceedings of the 12th JPL Airborne Earth Science Workshop en
dc.title.alternative EO-1 Hyperion measures canopy drought stress in Amazonia en
dc.title.alternative Retrieval of marine water constituents using atmospherically corrected AVIRIS hyperspectral data en
dc.title.alternative AmeriSat-requirements analysis for a hyperspectral land remote sensor constellation for energy exploration en
dc.title.alternative Assessment of Hyperion for characterizing mangrove communities en
dc.title.alternative Endmember selection for multiple endmember spectral mixture analysis en
dc.title.alternative Using AVIRIS data to map and characterize subaerially and subaqueously erupted basaltic volcanic tephras: the challenge of mapping low-albedo materials en
dc.title.alternative Unsupervised change detection for hyperspectral images en
dc.title.alternative Relative performance of HATCH and three other techniques for atmospheric correction of Hyperion and AVIRIS data en
dc.title.alternative Forest information products from AVIRIS and Hyperion en
dc.title.alternative Applying Tafkaa for atmospheric correction of AVIRIS over coral ecosystems in the Hawai'ian Islands en
dc.title.alternative Monitoring the on-orbit spectral calibration of the New Millenium EO-1 Hyperion imaging spectrometer en
dc.title.alternative Inflight calibration experiment results for AVIRIS on May 6, 2002 at Rogers Dry Lake, California en
dc.title.alternative Using AVIRIS in the NASA BAA project to evaluate the impact of natural acid drainage on Colorado watersheds en
dc.title.alternative Use of EO-1 Hyperion data for inter-sensor: calibration of vegetation indices en
dc.title.alternative Hyperspectral detection of forest fuel attributes as input to Farsite Fire Model in the Front range of Colorado en
dc.title.alternative Mineral mapping with AVIRIS and EO-1 Hyperion en
dc.title.alternative Preliminary results - hyperspectral mapping of coral reef systems using EO-1 Hyperion, Buck Island, U.S. Virgin Islands en
dc.title.alternative Hyperion studies of crop stress in Mexico en
dc.title.alternative Measuring trace gases in plumes from hyperspectral remotely sensed data en
dc.title.alternative Ecosystem impacts of woody encroachment in Texas: a spatial analysis using AVIRIS en
dc.title.alternative Atmospheric correction of spectral imagery: evaluation of the FLAASH algorithm with AVIRIS data en
dc.title.alternative Discrimination and biophysical characterization of Brazilian Cerrado Physiognomies with EO-1 Hyperspectral Hyperion en
dc.title.alternative Analysis of AVIRIS data from LEO-15 using Tafkaa atmospheric correction en
dc.title.alternative Methods for detecting anomalies in AVIRIS imagery en
dc.title.alternative The use of AVIRIS imagery to assess clay mineralogy and debris-flow potential in Cataract Canyon, Utah: a preliminary report en
dc.title.alternative A subpixel target detection technique based on the invariance approach en
dc.title.alternative Volcanic CO2 abundance of Kilauea Plume retrieved by means of AVIRIS data en
dc.title.alternative AVIRIS and archaeology in Southern Arizona en
dc.title.alternative Estimating surface soil moisture in simulated AVIRIS Spectra en
dc.type Technical Report en

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