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  • Barrett, A.; Rabideau, G.; Estlin, T.; Chien, S. (2000-11-07)
    This paper compares and contrasts several coordination schemes for a system that continuously plans to control collections of rovers (or spacecraft) using collective mission goals, instead of goals or command sequences for ...
  • Knight, R.; Rabideau, G.; Engelhardt, B.; Chien, S. (2001-03-26)
    Most approaches to robust automony with respect to planning and execution are focused on either providing models that allow for flexibility or providing techniques for changing models to improve performance. We take these ...
  • Sherwood, R.; Mishkin, A.; Estlin, T.; Chien, S.; Engelhardt, B.; Cooper, B.; Rabideau, G. (2001-05-21)
    This paper discusses a proof-of-concept prototype for ground-based automatic generation of validated rover command sequences from high-level science and engineering activities.



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