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Ultraviolet Spectra and Geometric Albedos of 45 Asteroids

Show simple item record Roettger, E. en_US Buratti, B. en_US 2004-10-05T05:42:08Z 2004-10-05T05:42:08Z 1994
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dc.description.abstract Spectral reflectances and geometric albedos between 2300 and 3250 Angstroms are determined for 45 asteroids from data acquired by the International Ultraviolet Explorer satellite. The geometric albedos are consistently low, ranging from ~0.02 for C-type asteroids to ~0.08 for M-type asteroids. An exception is the single E-type asteriod (44 Nysa) with a geometric albedo of 0.3 at 2950 Angstroms. We find that the three major asteroid taxonomic classes persist into the UV. The taxonomic classes are distinguished primarily by their albedos, but S-types are generally redder than C- or M-types. The first ultraviolet phase curves of asteroids are presented. en_US
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dc.subject.other International Ultraviolet Explorer en_US
dc.title Ultraviolet Spectra and Geometric Albedos of 45 Asteroids en_US

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