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Improved Bounds on Non-Luminous Matter in Solar Orbit

Show simple item record Anderson, J. en_US Lau, E. en_US Krisher, T. en_US Dicus, D. en_US Rosenbaum, D. en_US Teplitz, V. en_US 2004-10-05T05:17:33Z 2004-10-05T05:17:33Z 1994
dc.identifier.clearanceno 94-1085
dc.description.abstract We improve, using a larger set of observations including Voyager 2 Neptune flyby data, previous bounds on the amount of dark matter (DM) trapped in a spherically symmetric distribution about the sun. We bound DM by noting that such a distribution would increase the effective mass of the sun as seen by the outer planets and by finding the uncertainty in that effective mass for Uranus and Neptune in fits to the JPL Developmental Ephermeris residuals, including optical data and those two planets' Voyager 2 flybys. We extend our previous procedure by fitting more parameters of the developmental ephemerides. Additionally, we present here the values for Pioneer 10 and 11 and Voyager 1 and 2 Jupiter ranging normal points (and incorporate these data as well). en_US
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dc.subject.other dark matter Deep Space Network DSN Voyager Neptune Uranus solar mass en_US
dc.title Improved Bounds on Non-Luminous Matter in Solar Orbit en_US

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